Print Services

MCD Supply offers a full line of custom print services to our clients, such as:

  • Custom logo prints on most safety apparel and head gear
  • Select promotional items
  • Custom forms (pin fed forms, check stock etc)

No Hidden fees, or outrageous shipping rates. We keep it simple. Some examples of safety vest logo prints:

  • Plate fees - one time, then we inventory the plate for future orders - $20.
  • Set-up fees? We don't charge them.
  • Per print cost? It can range from $0.65 cents to $2.75, depending on the quantity. Our average order runs about a buck per print.

Our line of Hard Hats from ERB Industries are made in the USA, and are easily printed with your company logo. The cool thing about ERB, is they actually manufacture the hard hats prior to printing company logos, all in one smooth process. Logo'd hard hats are the freshest inventory and are all date stamped on the bill the day they were made and printed.

The process (pad printing) to add a company logo to a hard hat is a bit different than screen printing on safety vests. The steel printing plates are $40 per color, but last forever.  

What's the fees?

  • Printing fees run $0.65 to $2.80 depending on Quantity
  • Plate fees are always $40 per color
  • At 504 pieces, they credit one plate fee!
  • No Set-up fees, ever!


Promotional items such as carpenter pencils, pens, scratch pads, letter openers, etc are all available with small minimums (150-250) Send us your logo and approximate quantity for a quick quote to


Need a company form printed? We have a printer that is used to printing millions of forms for the government on stand-by. Simply send us a copy of the form, and an approximate quantity needed, and we'll get a quick quote delivered to your door. This is for regular paper, stamp forms, perforated forms, carbon forms, pin-fed forms, and even booklets!

To inquire about any printing job, please send an email to for immediate attention. Please feel free to attach any artwork to your inquiry.