Traffic Paddle Set 24" Stop/Slow - High Intensity Prismatic HIP

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24" aluminum stop/slow heads mounted on 1 1/4" pvc

Traffic Paddle Set - 24" Stop/Slow With Staff


Full size 24" aluminum reflective (High Intensity Prismatic) traffic paddles with stop/slow on front-back.

3M Anti-slip grip installed on center section

Complete with 3-piece SCH-40 PVC knock down staff for easy transport. (Bottom of sign is 84 inches above ground per NCDOT standards)

Our newest design incorporates a "quick snap" design that does not use standard threaded PVC pipe connectors.

Instead, our staffs have a 3-piece system that "snaps" into place by depressing a stainless-steel button.

Quick and easy.

Meets Federal MUTCD requirements for day and night Work Zones 

Large quantity orders may require 10 to 30 days lead time - please inquire at

Minimal assembly required.

Sold as a set of 2 complete signs.

Fixed shipping due to weight/size