5 Panel Drug Test Kit 25ct Case

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5 Panel Drug Test Kit 25ct Case

This Integrated Multi Drug Urine Drug Test Kit is perfect for testing for several drugs at once!

DRUGS OF DETECTION: Cocaine (COC) Marijuana (THC) Phencyclidine (PCP) Opiate (OPI) Amphetamines (AMP) FEATURES / BENEFITS Clean and Hygienic: The all-in-one test formula of the cup allows for no handling of the (urine) specimen. Once the lid is sealed, the test is bio-hazardous safe so all you have to do is merely throw the cup away when you are done. 

This is truly a hygienic and clean form of drug testing that's perfect for random drug testing in offices or even at home. 

Simple Procedure: Once the urine is deposited into the cup, the cup is sealed and the results are available in 5 minutes.

Storage: These cups can be stored at room temperature. 

Recording Results: The results can be easily recorded by photocopying the panel on the side of the cup.

Case pack of 25 sealed test cups