Pyramex N95 RM10 Rated Cone Respirator 20ct Box

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Pyramex N95 RM10 Rated Cone Respirator 20ct Box


  • N95 – 95% efficient respiratory protection in non-oil areas. 
  • Proper design – Large coverage providing a comfortable fit for the user. 
  • Elastic straps – Ultrasonically welded straps eliminate the need for staples which can irritate the skin. 
  • Latex-free elastic head straps
  • Smooth layers – Soft, smooth outer and inner layer is comfortable on the skin, unlike other masks which can be uncomfortably rough. 
  • Adjustable nosepiece – Outer aluminum nosepiece holds shape and provides a proper fit during use. 
  • Durable shell – Thick materials prevent collapsing and provide extended use. 
  • Foam Strip – Inner foam strip reduces the potential for eyewear fogging. 
  • Material – Maintenance-free construction and material offers low breathing resistance. 
  • Fit – One size fits all

MFG by Pyramex - 20ct box - New 2023 Inventory